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About the Authors

CLIFFORD DENTON is a Bible teacher and writer. He graduated from the University of Cambridge and received his doctorate from the University of Oxford.

PAUL SLENNETT is a Christian Bookseller and the founder of Jesus is Alive! Ministries.

About the Publishers

Jesus is Alive! Ministries, who are the publishers of the book Earthquake in the City, came into being following the 1988 national postmark campaign of the same name. It is a Christian charity (1036183) whose primary objective is the advancement of the Christian faith throughout the world by the proclamation of the truth that Jesus is Alive!

The ministry have three distinct roles, which are:

1.        Evangelistic

           JIA Ministries will be proclaiming the truth of the Gospel that Jesus is Alive! It will be preparing the way 

           for the Lord by proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom of God whilst declaring the works of God.

2.        Prophetic

           JIA Ministries is committed to making known the coming judgements on Great Britain. The first woe is

           explained in the book 'Earthquake in the City' by Clifford Denton and Paul Slennett, founder of the charity.

3.       Compassion Ministries

          JIA is committed to the relief of the poor and sick persons of the world and to Christian education for those

          who cannot afford it.

In fulfilling its prophetic role Jesus is Alive! Ministries is committed to making known the prophecies concerning the three Woes, the first being the Earthquake in the City.

Contact Us

Jesus is Alive! Ministries

57 London Road

Southend on Sea


Tel: 01702 343749


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