Earthquake in the City - A Prophecy Being Fulfilled
A prophecy now being fulfilled
Almost  30 years ago it was made known to me that a Mighty Earthquake would impact the City of London. Already, since the prophecy was first given, the financial markets have been dramatically shaken.  I believe that there is more shaking to come and this will be accompanied by a physical earthquake in the south of England. The reasons for this are clearly stated in the prophecy itself.   

The likelihood that this will be both a physical and financial shaking was confirmed when Dr Musson of the British Geological Survey gave a press release in 2010 that appeared in every national newspaper (either on Thursday 16th or Friday 17th September). He warned that London is overdue for an earthquake that could cause billions of pounds’ worth of damage.  
Britain has come under the protection of Almighty God for many years but has, in a generation, increasingly departed from a biblical heritage in law and government, despite the Coronation Oath made by Her Majesty the Queen to maintain the laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel. If God’s protection is being withdrawn to such a degree as to allow this earthquake to take place it will be as a sign for the leaders of the British nation to call the nation back to God. 
Signs that Almighty God is withdrawing His protection over the British Nation are already happening. Over the last 4 months we have had 4 major terrorist attacks plus now we have had an election which has ended in a hung Parliament, and lastly the fire at the Grenfell Tower Block.  Is the next thing on the agenda the Earthquake in the City or will we see other shakings in our Nation before that event?
Please help us to sound an alarm. Thank you.  Paul Slennett
The Earthquake itself will sound an alarm all over Great Britain!
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